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Hope Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Pamlico County need Hope Clinic?

There are over 1900 residents in Pamlico County who meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  More than half of these people must choose daily between paying rent, utilities, or buying food for their families.  Medical care isn’t even on the list of possibilities for them.  They constitute the “working poor” and are unable to pay for medical insurance, doctors visits, or medication.

Why don’t Hope Clinic patients get health care coverage from the Affordable Care Act?

Over 50% of Hope Clinic patients work, but they either do not qualify for the Affordable Care Act, or they cannot afford the premiums.

How long are wait times at Hope Clinic?

There is currently no waiting list to become a Hope Clinic patient.  To minimize wait times, all visits are by appointment.  Telemedicine appointments are available as well.  Prescription pick-up has also been streamlined.

Who is eligible to be a patient at Hope Clinic?

Patients must live in Pamlico County, or the surrounding counties of Beaufort and Craven, must have income below 200% of the poverty level, and not be insured through Medicaid, Medicare, VA Benefits, or other private insurance.  Hope Clinic has an Eligibility Coordinator that interviews all new patients.  If they don’t qualify to become a Hope Clinic patient, they are referred elsewhere to get the help they need.

What kind of medication is available from Hope Clinic?

Hope Clinic’s providers issue prescriptions for a wide range of medical issues including diabetes and hypertension.  No controlled medications are dispensed at Hope Clinic.  

How many hours are required if I want to be a medical volunteer (Doctor, PA, NP, Pharmacist, etc.) or a non-medical volunteer?

Hope Clinic now has afternoon and evening clinics.  Afternoon clinics are the second Thursday of the month at 1:00pm.  Providers and volunteers finish no later than 3:30pm.  The evening clinics are every Thursday starting at 4:30pm.  Providers and volunteers finish no later than 8:00pm except for Pharmacy personnel who finish no later than 9:00pm.    Volunteers can work as few or as many clinics as they want.  Doctors/PA’s/NP’s can also work remotely via telemedicine.  Volunteers are also needed to assist with fund raising activities.  Any level of commitment is appreciated.

Who pays for Hope Clinic services?

Hope Clinic patients are never billed for their medical care or prescriptions.  Hope Clinic relies entirely on donations and direct financial support from individuals, churches, large and small businesses, drug companies, private foundations, grants, and special events.  There is no federal funding available for free clinics.

If I’m a patient, when can I see a doctor or get a prescription filled?

Hope Clinic now has afternoon and evening clinics.  Afternoon clinic is the second Thursday of the month, 1:00pm-3:00pm.  The evening clinics are every Thursday 4:30pm-7:00pm.  Prescription pick-up is available every Thursday 7:00pm-7:30pm.  Telemedicine appointments are also available.  

Why does Hope Clinic need my donation?

Since patients are never charged for services, grants and donations are Hope Clinic’s only source of income.

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