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Our Services

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Medical Care

Our patients can see one of our doctors with a scheduled appointment for basic medical care, medications, and chronic disease management. Doctor's appointments are made for each Thursday the clinic is open.

Prescription Medications & Medical Supplies

Patient medications are FREE and filled each Thursday at Hope Clinic with a qualifying prescription. We also supply free medical supplies to manage chronic illnesses. We are not able to prescribe or fill prescriptions for controlled substances such as Oxycodone, Tramadol, Ultram, Xanax, or others.

Addiction Treatment

New Beginnings provides outpatient addiction treatment for opioids and alcohol substance use. The program uses a medication called Vivitrol, a non-narcotic, monthly injection that prevents relapse of opioid dependance after opioid detox and treatment of alcohol dependence. 


We do not use Suboxone or methadone and don't have a detox program here but can provide local detox places that will help regardless of financial status.   


Email us here if you are interested in learning more or need substance abuse help. We are here for you. Other local substance abuse help and information and detox programs can be found on our Patient Resources page. 

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